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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

The world of rally racing is dyed the color of Hydronit. Car, sportswear and inventory of VS Team racing report the corporate brand thanks to a collaboration which promises to last a long time.

The Trofeo Clio R3 Pino Racing team, with the Comasco team made up of Marco Asnaghi and Maurizio Castelli, has already competed in the Elbe and Taro National Rally and is preparing for the 13/14 Pre-Alps in June.

“We chose to be a sponsor of a rally team-says Andrea Gambusera, owner of Hydronit – because our company is intimately connected with the automotive industry, and not only for the products in the catalogue. Consistent with mission inspired by the permanent innovation, we are proud, for example, to have a part in the production of a unique vertical door opening mechanism for a prototype “.