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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

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Smart Power Unit

The Smart Power Unit is the first generation of Programmable Digital Hydraulic Power Pack available on the market. The core of the Smart Power Unit is the HPC (Hydraulic Process Controller): a Mechatronic Module which integrates SensorsElectronics and Hydraulics in a single device.

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Hydraulic Power Pack COMPACT series (PPC) is a modular system built around the Universal and Smart central manifolds.

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MICRO Series

Hydraulic Power Pack MICRO series (PPM) share the same concept of modularity (and most parts) of PPC series, thus providing the same flexibility.

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BULL Series

DC Electro-pumps BULL series (EPB) are the perfect solution when you need a simple DC motor-pump system. The unit can be integrated with relief valve and mounting foot.

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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluids

MATROL BI™ is the trademark of a range of biodegradable and renewable hydraulic fluids, developed by Novamont, that represent a valuable alternative to mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids. Hydronit, Novamont’s partner in this project, has carried out extensive field tests simulating different scenarios.

Features and Advantages

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AC & DC power units out of the same modular parts, for industrial and mobile applications;

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High performances (Compact series): power up to 7,5kW, flow up to 25 l/min, pressure up to 300 bar or more, high energy efficiency;

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A Universal Central Manifold for simple or complex hydraulic cirtcuits, with single-or double-acting actuators

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Extremely compact dimensions (Micro series) and high power density;

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Special design for specific applications.