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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

Our Values
Focus on customer needs

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  • to furnish our partners and customers with reliable products;
  • to provide a quick and effective technical support to our partners;
  • to keep addressing heavy investments in research & development;
  • to keep having the whole staff sharing our core values.


  • to be one of the top worldwide manufacturers of hydraulic modular power packs in quality, performance and reliability;
  • to contribute to Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing trends with innovative ideas and state of the art solutions;
  • to be recognized by our partners and customers as a skilled engineering company with a deep know-how in fluid power design and mechatronics integration.


  • partnership with suppliers and customers;
  • focus on human resources;
  • responsibility and reciprocity;
  • efficiency and lean organization;
  • ethics in relationships;
  • environmental protection.