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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

Hydronit Worldwide
Hydronit currently produces sixty thousand of hydraulic power units every year and exports most of them (80%) to over 50 countries worldwide. The sales and technical assistance organization operates in regions throughout the world.

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Middle East

According with the ITALIAN INDUSTRY & COMMERCE OFFICE IN THE UAE, Hydronit has got a new representative office at:

48 Burj Gate, Downtown Dubai (UAE)


Hydronit Srl Italian headquarters provides direct supplies and support to customers in nearly every European market, in the Middle East and Africa.

Hydronit UK Ltd, in Malmesbury – Wiltshire, has been established in 2012 to follow prominent UK OEMs customers and local technical support centers.

Asia Pacific

In 2012 Hydronit founded MicroHy Electro-Hydraulic Systems (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. in Jangsu province, P.R.C., as the company plans to expand its role in Asia significantly over the next decade, particularly in the fast-growing economies of China, India and Australia. The production of the hydraulic power units core parts remains in Italy, in order to keep ensuring the superior performances and proved reliability of our products. MicroHy keeps a local stock of the power pack components and assemble / test them basing on customer demand. Thanks to the local unit, the delivery time, response time and technical support to customers are faster and more efficient.

Hydronit Asia Trading Co., Ltd is the relevant trading company for the export of spare parts and loose components to Asia Pacific markets.

The Americas

In 2015 Hydronit established a new company on the US East Coast, Hydronit Americas, to locally stock and assemble our hydraulic power units, in order to meet the fast supplies and quick support requested by the existing network of distributors in North America.

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