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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

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The COMPACT series mini hydraulic power units (PPC) are modular and suitable for applications in both the mobile and industrial sectors. The heart of the system is the “Universal” central body built with a light and compact die-cast aluminium, in which standard valves and components can be mounted to create hundreds of possible configurations, adapted to the customer’s needs.


High-performance gear pumps with compensation plates, helical pumps, electric motors and solenoid valve coils are all designed and optimized for typical mini-power plant applications, optimizing efficiency and increasing power density, reducing heat production and energy absorption. The control units are 100% individually tested before delivery to ensure their tightness and trouble-free operation throughout their useful life. The functional components are made with treated steel to improve reliability and durability.

Commercial policy

We can supply both assembled and tested control units and kits of loose components. Manufacturers will appreciate the convenience of receiving units ready to be installed on their machines while distributors, by purchasing loose components, can optimize stocks and shipments, assembling standard parts already in stock locally and quickly.

Compliance with market standards

Both group 0 and group 1 pumps with right or left rotation, bidirectional or double, also in HI-LO execution, can be mounted on our control units, using the same Universal central body. Standard IEC electric motors with B14 flange can be used. The cartridge valves are screwed into standard SAE 3/4-16UNF cavities, the main safety valve is screwed into a standard M20×1.5 cavity, while the return chokes are screwed into 1/4″GAS cavities.