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Hydraulic Modular Power Packs

Hydraulic Power Pack COMPACT series (PPC) is a modular system built around the Universal and Smart central manifolds.

  • AC or DC electric motors, with fixed or vafiable speed, single or double gear pumps, plastic or metal tanks, a whole range of hydraulic valves and the system high flexibility, give the possibility to use the power pack in both mobile and industrial applications, with hundreds of different hydraulic solutions.
  • Their core is a lightweight aluminium die-cast Central Manifold, that can be assembled into thousands of different configurations with a modular set of standard components.


  • power up to 7.5 kW AC and 4kW DC, flow from 0.3 up to 25 l/min and pressure up to 300bar or more
  • high integration: gear and hand pumps, pressure and flow control valves; check and directional valves; proportional flow and pressure controls; up to eleven devices can be integrated within the central manifold for flexibility and compactness
  • all components and valves are made in a single piece, preassembled, which can be directly screwed into the Central Manifold, in order to simplify assembly and service (no washers, poppets, springs and nuts messing up).


  • The high performance pressure balanced gear pumps, the helical rotor pumps, the electrical motors and solenoid valves’ coils are all specifically designed and optimized for typical mini power unit applications in order to improve the system overall efficiency, increase power density, reducing heat generation and power consumption.
  • The units are individually 100% tested before delivery to guarantee leak-free and hassle-free operation during their lifetime. The functional components are made with hardened steel parts for best reliability and long life.


We deliver either assembled and tested mini power packs or kits of single spare parts thereof. Local distributors can thus optimize stock and shipments by locally assembling the units while OEMs can enjoy the easiness of installing fully assembled and tested units on their machines.


  • Our mini power packs can house, on the Universal or Smart central manifolds, standard group 0 and group 1 gear pumps with clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, bidirectional or double execution (also HI-LO).
  • Standard electric motors can be fitted with B14 shape, from frame to frame 71 to 112, Nema 56C and 184TC frames.
  • Screw-in cartridge valves are fitted in standard 3/4-16UNF SAE08 cavities.