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Quality and Certifications

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The Hydronit QMS is effectively monitored with support of 30 statistical indicators that are representative of all company processes and for which goals are set to be achieved each year.

Hydronit is able to supply customized systems in compliance with Atex standards and to develop solutions that include product certifications with third parties (eg Rina, DNV, UL …).

The ISO 9001 certification of the Hydronit quality management system can be downloaded here

The quality policy of Hydronit is oriented towards continuous improvement of its products, its design and production processes.

In line with the requirements of the recent UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, the organization has adopted a risk assessment and risk management scheme, aimed at reducing any risk factor that may affect the product and customer service in its totality.

The Hydronit policy is to build customer loyalty through effective support in the customization of the hydraulic system and through reduced delivery times, thanks to flexible assembly and testing lines.

Strengths of the quality system, structured on a careful evaluation of the organizational context that keeps the needs of the interested parties in proper consortium, are the immediate and structured passage of information through advanced information systems PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). The above is supported by an effective internal policy of training and motivation for all Hydronit staff.

Hydronit quality policy 2021-2022 can be downloaded here

Maintain and continuously improve the performance of the Company Quality Management System in order to ensure that the needs, expectations and requirements of customers are met and exceeded, while safeguarding the interests of the company.

Maintain and continuously improve the performance of the Company’s Energy Management System in order to monitor and improve the energy efficiency of the company and products in compliance with current legislation. To excel, in a world market in rapid technological evolution and in strong competition, with products and services chosen and appreciated by customers for their quality, reliability, price, performance, efficiency and image.

The Hydronit headquarters in Varedo have been designed and built to minimize energy consumption and the use of fossil fuels, thanks to the hyperinsulation of the structure, mostly through the use of natural materials such as wood fiber and cork, and air conditioning and heating with an high efficiency heat pump.

This requires only 7.4 kWh/m3/year for winter heating and 3.2 kWh/m3/year for summer cooling. To complement these choices, we have put into operation a photovoltaic field of 60 x 230W panels that produce electric energy for the offices and for our production lines, minimizing our impact on the planet. Furthermore, thermal solar panels heat the water used in the building.

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