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Bauma de Munich

Ne manquez pas la 31e édition du Salon Bauma de Munich, l'un des plus grand salon au monde pour les machines de chantier, engins de chantier et machines d'exploitation minière. Nous avons une grande surprise pour vous : la Prochaine grande chose conçue par Hydronit. Venez et visitez notre stand au Hall B3, stand 508 du 11 avril au 17ème 2016.
Infos : www.bauma.de

Vacances d'été

Notre pause estivale de compagnie est prévue le 9 août au 22. Pour plus d'informations sur la rupture et pour...

Hydronit sustainability principles - NO LEAD aluminum bars

Varedo, 30th March 2021

We are all aware of lead toxicity and its nasty effects on human health.

World Health Organization has identified lead as 1 of 10 chemicals of major public health concern as lead poisoning is responsible of several diseases. It is even believed lead to be primarily responsible for the collapse of the Roman Empire, since Romans used lead to build water piping and as wine sweetener!

But lead is a fantastic metal, when we are talking of metalworking, added to steels, aluminums and brasses.

Its self-lubricant properties and mildness reduce the amount of energy consumed and time required to machine any metal part and improves surface finishing with no significant effects on parts mechanical properties.

Government regulations around the world are progressively banning lead from most of its applications but still allow for reduced percentages of lead to be used in metals intended for metalworking.

At Hydronit we think forward and strongly follow sustainability principles. For this reason we have decided to pioneer, as first ones in Italy in hydraulics, research and testing of NO LEAD aluminum alloy extruded bars to manufacture our range of hydraulic manifolds.

First results are encouraging since we managed to obtain perfectly finished manifold blocks with a slight increase in machining times, by adopting latest generation robotized CNC machines, advanced Polycrystalline diamond tools and adapted cutting parameters and techniques.


Hydronit is phasing out lead from its aluminum blocks completely in a few weeks, as soon as the present stock of standard aluminum alloy is cleared, and passing on to its customers the advantages of working in a cleaner, safer environment.

smart power unit

Lancement de bloc d'alimentation intelligente

Hydronit a choisi Bauma qui va présenter sa dernière création : l' Unité de puissance intelligente. Résultat d'une combinaison entre l'hydraulique et de l'électronique, le SPU est la première génération de bloc d'alimentation hydralic programmable. Son noyau est la HPS (régulateur de Process hydraulique): un module mécatronique à l'architecture de sécurité, qui intègre des capteurs, électronique et l'hydraulique dans un seul appareil, programmable avec Codesys.
Télécharger le SPU leflet (connexion requise) ou Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser..

Arduino répond à l'industrie

Automatisation intelligente accessible par tout le monde, faible coût aussi pour petite application, grâce à la collaboration entre Hydronit et l'Université. Comment...

Hydronit invented the first Hydraulic Compact Smart Power Unit. But… what makes it Smart?

Varedo, 6th April 2021

Hydronit invented the first Hydraulic Compact Smart Power Unit. But… what makes it Smart?

The Smart Power Unit is a Mechatronic Module which integrates Sensors, Electronics and Hydraulics in a single device that is:

  • safe (safety Architecture SIL2)
  • self diagnosed (with integrated accelerometer and pressure, speed and temperature sensors)
  • programmable (with CodesysTM IEC61131-3 automation software)
  • powerful (12 x 2A PWM + 2 x 4A on-off outputs)
  • interconnected (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, CAN bus, Hart, 26 digital / analog I/O, IoT functionalities)
  • flexible (P/Q proportional or on-off circuits with or without Load Sensing)
  • modular (all Hydronit compact power units parts and accessories are available)
  • robust (shock and vibration resistant)

 The Smart Power Unit is patented n° WO 2017/162298 A1.

Want to know more? See www.hydronit.com and www.xdraulics.com

Hydraulic Process Controller FOTO LINKEDIN 06APRILE

Hydronit à Maker Faire

Hydronit le personnel à la Maker Faire 2014 avec Fulvio Palmieri, professeur au département de génie mécanique, Université Roma Tre.
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