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Smart Power Unit

The Smart Power Unit is the first generation of Programmable Digital Hydraulic Power Pack available on the market. The core of the Smart Power Unit is the HPC (Hydraulic Process Controller): a Mechatronic Module which integrates Sensors, Electronics and Hydraulics in a single device.

Programmable with CodesysTM IEC61131-3 automation software


The core of the SPU is the HPC (Hydraulic Process Controller): a programmable controller with SAFETY Architecture. It integrates I/O, sensors, double core processors with SAFETY features and PWM power output in order to directly drive solenoid operated proportional or on-off valves without the need of external relays or electronic drivers.

The Hydraulic Process Controller is integrated in the power pack and available in different executions: Proportional Pressure [P], Proportional Flow [Q] or P/Q proportional control with or without Load Sensing [LS] functionality.


The HPC is perfectly integrated with the standard Hydronit PPC Compact Power Pack range since it uses the same modular range of PPC standard components.

Typical Hydraulic circuits are available with redundant valves in order to match mechanics to electronics and offer a SAFETY RELATED mechatronic power pack ready for Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing applications.

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The Hydraulic Process Computer integrates a High Pressure Sensor up to 350 bar, one motor shaft Speed Sensor and one oil Temperature Sensor. Additional external sensors can be added through the I/O lines.

The electronic board includes two additional local Temperature Sensors and a redundant 3axis Accelerometer.


Hydronit, directly competing against most innovative European companies, have been awarded with multiple Seals of Excellence by the European Commission during Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation and, in July 2017, granted as project 779020.

The Smart Power Unit is patented n° WO 2017/162298 A1.

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